People will get suppressed!

Word goes of techniques for analyzing facial cues to detect emotions and detecting color variations to analyze heart rate, respiration etc.

It worries me for these techniques can be used to suppress people, like protesters anywhere to subject them to computer(AI)-controlled interrogation!

Until now I haven’t said anything but this is REALLY going the wrong way now IF WE AREN’T VIGILANT!

Spread the word if you know what I mean!

Bluetooth soundquality up until now VERY POOR!

I must have tried about two dozen of BT NC headphones now. ALL of them gave me ringing ears. I fell back to a wired NC headphone and everything is fine.

Now, my ears are(were) very good (after trying that lot they are damaged for sure), I can hear everything in sound (not anymore), so I am such a person that detects POOR soundquality. Bluetooth, up until version 5.0, is TERRIBLE.

And Noise Cancelling isn’t such a plezant story also.

So, for those of you with sensitive or “golden” ears, I issue out a warning: DON’T GO FOR BLUETOOTH AUDIO!!!


Hello. I’m not exactly ‘back’ again. I don’t know why. I guess I probably am not the person I used to be anymore.

I plan to write. Not again, but just write here. I am someone else.

Love you all.

The Broken Symmetry of Time

The TI (Transactional interpretation) of quantummechanics is nearest to my mind. I’m going to get into it!¬†Here’s a great post about it! ūüėÄ

The  Broken Symmetry of Time   A published version of this paper  can be found here: Ruth E. Kastner Department of Philosophy, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742, USA Abstract. This pap…

Source: The Broken Symmetry of Time


It seems like my theory might make some sense, but I’m no scientist. I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I think I have it reasonably clear now. But I have no motivation to work it out. I just felt obligated to inform you I have sort of a theory, if it deserves that qualification at all… ūüė¶

Audioquest USB A-B Cable review

Audioquest usb a b

I had some trouble with audio reproduction on my USB DAC. I’m currently using a Raspberry Pi streamer with SBooster power supplies.

The trouble I experienced consisted of small ticks, clicks, blobs and hiccups in the audioreproduction. I figured it might have something to do with the USB cable, for I already checked everything else.

So I purchased the Audioquest Forest USB Cable.

Immediately after playing the first tracks using this cable a great sense of improvement grabbed me. The improvement was subtle, but clear! Where I expected the, somewhat, “vague” sounds in the fragments of tracks I was used to hear, now the sound was crystal clear and relaxed the ear! Also, the reverbs present in some tracks really gained substantial depth!

Even after burning in a while it got even better! Relaxed sound, smooth, fluid and clear!

I wouldn’t have purchased this digital cable so likely if I hadn’t¬†tried everything else. Like many hifi-afficionado’s, I thought a bit is a bit, a zero or a one, no more no less. Any cable could do that, could they?

However, I decided to keep an open mind and give it a try. Apparently some bits or frames of bits occasionally get lost in poor cabling.

I should say I noticed a downside. At least in my setup, is seems as if there is some HF distortion entering my DAC now, for I get ringing ears after prolonged listening, more so than I did before. I worry about the silver in the cable. It can do good, it can do bad.

Final score: 8.5/10. While the ticks, clicks, blobs and hiccups didn’t dissappear, the sound quality has improved definitely!

(We live in) The future

The past doesn’t exist! There exist¬†artefacts from the past, but it is¬†the artefacts¬†that are real, not the past! Everything always starts¬†now! The past may one time have been experienced by creatures and humans, but this past also lies in¬†their past. By dying you stop to exist, because you no longer will be in the present and future, nor in the non-existent past! However, since by existing you changed the world and the people around you (chaos effect), you left your mark on the world/the universe, and that will be who you will be in the future: non-existent but evolving in the changes you set in motion in the world! In a way, you evolved from life to life-after-death; from a living creature to the complement: what is left when that creature is gone. The world-changes you introduced during your life quickly get mixed with the intentions, actions and feelings of the creatures living on earth after your death, so you will very quickly blend into the cosmic consciousness.

For instance: imagine a very simple, short-lived rat. Lets call him Charlie. In Charlie’s¬†life, he¬†does one thing only: move a wooden cube a meter to the left. Then our beloved pet dies. So, when Charlie¬†is gone, what is left? The¬†displacement of the cube. That is what now defines Charlie, for it is the only tangible thing left of him. Now, over time, other rats will displace the cube also, in various directions. However, those rats will have different lives because of Charlie, for they have to walk different routes to displace our wooden cube, and as a result, other cubes will be moved differently too. So the pattern that evolves out of the positions of the cubes will diverge further and further as a result of our Charlie. So you could say Charlie’s legacy is moving the cube one meter to the left, and what is left of Charlie is the changes in the future he made by changing the pattern of the cubes.

The other rats decide which cubes to move how far, so the pattern of the cubes depends over time more and more on more and more rats. So, Charlie influenced their consciousness by changing their environment, and so, in a way, that is a legacy of Charlie too! So Charlie continues to live not only in the pattern of the cubes (the world), but also in the consciousness of the rats living among the cubes after him. On the other hand, the rats determine their own thoughts and actions and so influence¬†Charlie’s legacy. So we can see the whole environment (universe) and consciousness of the creatures in it as a sort of cosmic consciousness, of which those who died become part.

The past does not exist; te only thing left of it is the¬†feelings that it produced in you¬†right now!¬†The¬†feelings are real, and constantly¬†produce the future. Every moment is the future. The “now” is so short, that it immediately becomes the future. We¬†live in the future, every moment.


Het is niet goed
Zoals het is
Is het niet goed

Het is niet klaar
Dus ik moet
Ergens naar daar

Als ik slechts
Jou had maar
Dat is niet waar

Jij bent thuis
Ik ben hier
Op weg nergens naar


Many dutch are spoiled, entitled narcissists (‘hufters’ in Dutch).


What authority do scientists have to speak their findings? God is apparently not ‘on their side’, if we may believe some christian apoligists, while they, thereabove, have truth, morals, love and all power of God to back them.

I don’t buy this. Though, it is a good point. Scientist have the facts. What has more authority; facts or the allmighty?

I’d go for neither. Facts are findings that can be revoked or adjusted, resulting in new theories. They are a little ‘shakey’. God, however, if we can define it, is a pure¬†assumption. All you have to do is assume the truth of it. If I am free to do¬†that, I may as well be free to assume¬†anything I want. If that is the case, facts are of little interest.

The power of religion is that a very large group of people adhere to the same text. There is tremendous safety in that.

However, it has nothing to do with truth. Facts do. However, facts are of little interest if you already found what you were looking for. Why search for facts? They will appear all the time of their own.

Perhaps my search for science on the one hand and religion on the other had ended.

One more thing though; if facts are¬†contradicting the assumptions, then facts (and findings) have a firmer basis. In the case of God contradiction of facts are hard to find, for God has no facts as property to reflect to other facts; God is all assumption, and assumptions can’t be reasoned with, and hence God always wins and loses in principle always! ūüėČ